Monday, February 15, 2010

Youth - An Enthu Injection!

Interacting with the young Indians gives a mighty kick. The enthusiasm is virulent and leaves one pleased – and ready to do more. Though age is not a major factor, one does wonder at the carefree abandon of youth and the enthusiasm in whatever they put themselves into.

I would go further to state that every growing company needs to have a dose of youth surrounding most of the key decisions; especially those dealing with a direct customer connect. This is because I find it funny when ‘50+’ folks take business decisions based on how, when and where ‘25-‘ folks buy.
Isn’t it prudent to involve the target segment in decision making?
More so, as the perspective would change and the final decision would be closer to reality.

Back to the topic – The enthusiasm that youth bring to the table has to be utilized for business decisions that concern them! Keep the enthu on. Keep them engaged – coz the Indian youth make their own decisions!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Youth 'Itch'

Interacting with the Indian youth, one thing is clear. They are 'itching' to do something. To create something. People of Action: For self and the environment.

We need to keep this 'itch' alive - and harness it. More so because India is a YOUNG nation and the future lies here.

For our growth boom to continue, we need to actively nurture this itch (and definitely contribute to it).

The action is on! Keep following this blog for more on the Indian Youth, views, opinions, feedback and action.